NFT Guard - Rent your P3E, Watch only Wallet, Bombcrypto Scholarship

Starting With NFT Guard

Connect on Website
Control Panel
Installing Extension
Importing an Address
Allow Connection
Connect to Game (Bombcrypto example)


NFT Guard is a system that allow you or anyone authorized by you to login on your NFT Game based on metamask without to give permissions to transactions, people allowed by you can only PLAY the game efectively but can't execute any transactions that require gas. Our system use a watch only wallet and an authorization code to login. This way anyone can rent for example his account or login on public devices without to worry about permissions or blind trust 3rd parties.

Connecting on Website

NFT Guard uses metamask to connect on our website to verify, pay and access control panel. To Connect, once you're using Google Chrome and have metamask installed with your desired address, just click connect button on main page. Each new address will ask for a new payment on website. check video at the end of this tutorial for full understanding.


After successfully connected for first time you'll be redirected to payment page, actually 1 month cost 0.25 BNB for each address using our system. Payments are made directly with metamask. You Just need to click pay and confirm.

Control Panel

Control Panel is where you'll allow connections on your game account, you can set an access code, check for new connection requests and approve or cancel it. We'll improve this panel with new features later.

Installing Extension

This extension is that will control game access on player side. First download extension using download button on control panel. On the player's computer, Extract it to desktop, Open Google Chrome, Go to Extensions, Set developer mode ON, click "Load Unpacked" and select the folder where you extracted the extension on desktop.

Importing you Game Address

This is one of most important things, after install extension, just click on it, accept terms, and you'll see the BNB symbol. click on it and on left side there's an option to Import and address, once you click on it select "watch only" (last) option. Paste your address and "Ok". Done extension is ready.

Allow Extension Connection on Game Page

After Successfully connected your game watch only address, go to you game and allow extension to connect on it. on our example the game we will use is bombcrypto and the game page is Sometimes you'll need to press F5 to refresh the page and it work correctly. once you see "connect wallet" (bombcrypto in this case), you're ready to connect on it using your authorization code.

Connecting on Game

Usually nft games like bombcrypto give you 20 seconds before connection request expiration. So the best way is send authorization code to player before click on "connect wallet". So player click on "connect wallet button", write authorization code and wait for you allow connection on control panel before click "Ok".
On your side you use control panel to check for a new connection request, once you have one you just click on approve and metamask will open waiting for sign the message, after sign the message the player can click "Ok" and login in the game.

If you have any questions please check our video with full tutorial and if you still have any question feel free to chat with us on telegram @tutucoin

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